Life Insurance After Age 65: What you need to Know?

You have lived for more than half of your life and by this point probably have supported your family to see them stand strong, paid off a mortgage and maybe even retired. Or you may be doing the opposite since age is nothing but a number. Whatever your case is, we will be digging deep […]

Great West Life Insurance Review: Good or Bad?

You know it is time to get a life insurance policy and someone recommended you go with Great West Life. It turns out that you found out there are hundreds of life insurance companies and a ton of horror stories, so now you’re wondering if this is the best choice for you. Well, don’t worry […]

$100,000 Life Insurance Policy: What you must know?

You have been thinking about life insurance for quite some time now and is no longer okay to put it on the back burner so you wanted to start with $100,000 life insurance policy to see how much it costs, what you must do to get it and if it is enough. Well, you came […]

Ameritas Life Insurance: Straight To The Point Review

As a modern consumer, you get bombarded with ads and opinion from your close ones about which company is the best or which products you should use. This only gets more confusing when it comes to picking a life insurance carrier because the pressure of ensuring you get the right company to protect your loved […]

West Coast Life Insurance Review

Trying to learn more about West Coast Life or have an existing policy? Well, you have come to the right place as we are an independent agency that works with all the best life insurance companies in the marketplace. We will help you learn everything you need to know about this company. Wait, we are […]

LaFayette Life Insurance Company Review

Buying life insurance can be one of the most daunting or easiest experience one can have. It’s really up to you to determine which experience you will have. By working with an independent life insurance brokerage you can ensure that you will be having an easy experience buying life insurance. If you choose to still […]

Is it hard to get $5 Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy?

Buying life insurance is one of the easiest things you can buy for yourself that will do a couple of different things. It can provide a replaceable income for your spouse, it can cover your debt so when you pass away your family doesn’t get stuck with your debt, it can cover your funeral expenses, […]

$10 Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy: What you need to know?

Welcome to InsureChance, the first online life insurance marketplace! If you are on this page right now you deserve congratulations! Not many people understand the importance of life insurance and it’s refreshing to know that you are here trying to protect your family’s financials! You have made the conscious decision of buying life insurance but you […]

Sun Life Financial Insurance Company Review

Life insurance is one of the most overlooked insurance products with over 30% of Americans not having it in the first place and much more who are underinsured. You, however, are thinking about your family all the time and decided it was time to secure a life insurance policy. There are many steps you must […]

National Income Life Insurance Company Review

You had a thought that you should have life insurance or need to upgrade your current coverage since your family can be devastated if something was to happen to you. Now, you’re wondering how does National Income Life stack up against the competition and whether or not you should go for this plan. I have […]

Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Review

If you’re wondering what Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage program offers then you came to the right site! We are an independent life insurance marketplace that educates and helps consumers find the best life insurance plan. The Heritage Funeral Advantage plan is a form of life insurance known as a final expense plan. Final expense is […]

What if I Can’t Pay My Term Life Premiums?

You have an existing policy and times are hard or you simply forgot to make a payment to your life insurance company. Now, you’re wondering what will happen to your policy and what are some things you can do to prevent the policy from lapsing. You may also already got a policy that lapsed and […]

Security Mutual Life Insurance: Review

Your spouse is on your case or you simply realized you can’t procrastinate on purchasing your life insurance policy so you ran into Security Mutual Life Company and are now wondering if this is the right choice for you. We can help you with that since we have reviewed 100’s of companies and work with […]

Oxford Life Insurance Company Review

You decided it was time to get a life insurance policy secure and you heard an ad or got approached by an agent about Oxford Life Insurance Company. Now, you started to think whether Oxford Life is a good fit for your insurance portfolio and luckily landed on this article. Well, you have come to […]

National Guardian Life: Review

Welcome to InsureChance, the first online life insurance marketplace. We are an independent life insurance agency and have a mission of making life insurance a simple concept. We can do this by providing unbiased and informative reviews and if you’re looking for a great review of National Guardian Life Insurance Company then you have come […]

Physicians Mutual Life Insurance: Review

You’re either wondering about getting a new policy or already have a policy with Physicians Mutual Life Insurance Company and would like to know how they stack up. Well, first off let’s address the fact this company is not a fly by night so if you have a policy with them there is nothing to […]

Old Line Life Insurance Company Review

2017 Update: Old Life Life Insurance Company Book of Business is now managed by American General.  If you need policy support please call American General directly.  For those of you wondering if you need to review your policy or see how the products of the new company that took over then continue reading. Here is […]

Grange Life Insurance Company Review

The time has come when you no longer can go without life insurance coverage and now you stumbled about Grange Life Insurance Company. You may be wondering if this is the right company to get you covered with. We are here to help you make that decision by examining the company’s rating, history, and products. […]

Pan American Life Insurance: Is it a good or bad choice?

So you came to a realization that you need to get a life insurance policy to protect the most important people in your life, family. You search led you to Pan-American life insurance company and you’re wondering is this right company for you. Well, you have come to their right place since we’re an independent […]

Sentinel Insurance Company Review

Just like many Americans you finally had some free time to ponder and realized that if something happens to you, your family might be in a bad spot. Then, you most likely got approached by an agent or got a mailer about Sentinel Insurance Company. Well, you have come to the right place because we […]

Royal Neighbors Life Insurance Review

You have every other type of insurance protection like auto, home, and health but recently realized that you are either uninsured or underinsured in the life insurance department. As you want on your journey of looking for life insurance you stumbled upon Royal Neighbors Life Insurance Company and are curious if this is the best […]

Is $750,000 of Life Insurance Enough?

So you decided to get life insurance to protect your loved ones and wondering if $750k will take care of everything? Well, there is no simple answer and your decision should be based on few important factors. The great part is you have come to the right place we have helped thousands of families get […]

American Memorial Life Insurance Review

You might have ended up with a policy with American Memorial Insurance Company or have been offered a funeral policy through Assurant Solutions with them. Whichever way you may have heard about this company we will help you decide if it is the best choice for you. Here at InsureChance, we have reviewed 100’s of […]

Aegon Life Insurance Review

Making the decision to buy life insurance was probably one of the easiest decisions you have made but it starts to get complicated when you start trying to find the best life insurance company. That’s because the choices you have for a life insurance company is almost endless! Don’t worry because we are here to […]