Should Millennials Buy Life Insurance: By A Millennial that Sells Life Insurance

The previous generations have a lot of opinions about us Millennials and it can be understood because we are the new and improved citizens of society. A Millennial is someone born from early 80’s with certain traits that can be described as bold, creative, practical, eco-friendly, caring and carefree. As Millennials, we are a vital […]

Columbus Life Insurance Review

You need to secure a life insurance policy and were approached by an agent or a close friend who mentions Columbus Life Insurance Company and you’re trying to figure out if this is the best company for you to go with. From reviewing hundreds of companies we can tell you that you’re doing the right […]

Aflac Life Insurance Review: Will the Duck get your back?

You understand the importance of life insurance and have finally had a minute to take time out of your busy day to get the life insurance shopping process started. Good for you for doing a selfless act to ensure your family will be okay if you were to die unexpectedly. But along your life insurance […]

Cincinnati Life Insurance In Depth Company Review

As an American, you understand the importance of insurance whether its auto, home, life or health insurance. Most of us grew up in households where our parents were close friends with a local insurance agent. Insurance is one of the best products ever created by man because essentially it protects dreams, doesn’t it? And life […]

Life Insurance for Business Partnership: A Simple Guide

Your company is thriving and you’re kicking butt and taking names after you and your partner or partners put in years of hard work. Suddenly, someone tells you a story of a mutual associate who had a business partner that passed away and now that individual has to work with the deceased partner’s spouse. The worst […]

Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Review

Whether you’re a responsible adult or your spouse is nagging you to get life insurance, either way, the times has come and you’re now thinking about getting insured with Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Company. However, you have no clue whether or not it is the best choice and what are the alternatives out there. Well, […]

United Home Life Review: Should it be an option?

Getting life insurance is probably one of the most important purchases you can make after buying your home or vehicle and that’s why it shouldn’t be taken lightly. As a modern consumer, you like to do research before you make a commitment to a company and you happen to hear about United Home Life which landed […]

Erie Life Insurance Company Review

It was time to secure a life insurance policy and somehow you ended up stumbling across Erie Insurance Company. Now, you’re wondering if this is the best option for you to choose as protection for your loved ones. When it comes to finding the right insurance company you have to look at different factors such […]

Life Insurance through Costco: Should you add it to your grocery list?

Just like many Americans you love Costco since they offer you lots of savings when it comes to money and time due to the bulk items. It is definitely a great place to buy groceries, household items, tires but life insurance? Well, yes as you already heard, Costco is now offering life insurance to its […]

Getting a Child Rider on your Life Insurance?

You started shopping for life insurance with different companies and all of sudden someone mentioned a “Child Rider” and it’s not kids driving academy or a car seat. So you want to know whether or not this is a good add-on to your policy and what are some additional details that you may need to […]

Life Insurance Underwriting: What is it?

The time to purchase life insurance has come and you’re hearing a lot of new terms specifically “Underwriting”. Now, you’re wondering what is this mysterious word and would like to know more. Well, you have come to the right place because here at InsureChance, we make things simple to understand and give you all the […]

How to get Cheap Whole Life Insurance?

So you have heard a lot of positive things about whole life insurance such as its ability to accumulate cash value, provide dividends and of course what it is really known for lifetime protection. You either already got some quotes for a whole life insurance or you’re simply shopping around but you have now realized […]

Penn Mutual Life Review: Will they be the right fit for you?

You either got approached by an agent that works for Penn Mutual or a close one recommended them to you and now you’re wondering if you should go with them. Well, in short, I think you have many better alternatives so be sure to shop around with many companies to see what’s out there. Of […]

$2 Million Dollars of Life Insurance: It’s the sweet spot!

So you realize that if you die your family will need quite a sum to continue living their lives, you may have business needs or you simply are a generous soul and want to leave behind some legacy. Whatever it is a $2 million dollar policy is what you though will get the job done […]

Security Mutual Life: Quick Review

As a modern-day consumer, you understand the importance of doing a thorough research before applying for any new financial commitments. So it was time to make a life insurance purchase and you heard or were referred to Security Mutual Life Insurance, now you’re wondering if this is the right choice for you. Well, in short, […]

Life Insurance After Age 65: What you need to Know?

You have lived for more than half of your life and by this point probably have supported your family to see them stand strong, paid off a mortgage and maybe even retired. Or you may be doing the opposite since age is nothing but a number. Whatever your case is, we will be digging deep […]

Great West Life Insurance Review: Good or Bad?

You know it is time to get a life insurance policy and someone recommended you go with Great West Life. It turns out that you found out there are hundreds of life insurance companies and a ton of horror stories, so now you’re wondering if this is the best choice for you. Well, don’t worry […]

$100,000 Life Insurance Policy: What you must know?

You have been thinking about life insurance for quite some time now and is no longer okay to put it on the back burner so you wanted to start with $100,000 life insurance policy to see how much it costs, what you must do to get it and if it is enough. Well, you came […]

Ameritas Life Insurance: Straight To The Point Review

As a modern consumer, you get bombarded with ads and opinion from your close ones about which company is the best or which products you should use. This only gets more confusing when it comes to picking a life insurance carrier because the pressure of ensuring you get the right company to protect your loved […]

West Coast Life Insurance Review

Trying to learn more about West Coast Life or have an existing policy? Well, you have come to the right place as we are an independent agency that works with all the best life insurance companies in the marketplace. We will help you learn everything you need to know about this company. Wait, we are […]

LaFayette Life Insurance Company Review

Buying life insurance can be one of the most daunting or easiest experience one can have. It’s really up to you to determine which experience you will have. By working with an independent life insurance brokerage you can ensure that you will be having an easy experience buying life insurance. If you choose to still […]

Is it hard to get $5 Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy?

Buying life insurance is one of the easiest things you can buy for yourself that will do a couple of different things. It can provide a replaceable income for your spouse, it can cover your debt so when you pass away your family doesn’t get stuck with your debt, it can cover your funeral expenses, […]

$10 Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy: What you need to know?

Welcome to InsureChance, the first online life insurance marketplace! If you are on this page right now you deserve congratulations! Not many people understand the importance of life insurance and it’s refreshing to know that you are here trying to protect your family’s financials! You have made the conscious decision of buying life insurance but you […]

Sun Life Financial Insurance Company Review

Life insurance is one of the most overlooked insurance products with over 30% of Americans not having it in the first place and much more who are underinsured. You, however, are thinking about your family all the time and decided it was time to secure a life insurance policy. There are many steps you must […]