Baltimore Life Insurance Review

If you are looking for some information and a review of Baltimore Life Insurance Company, you have come to the right place! It is important to understand some insurance terms and the company overview before looking to be covered by them. Baltimore Life is not as big and powerful as some other life insurance companies […]

Fifth Third Bank Life Insurance

Fifth Third Bank has earned a reputation for being outstanding with their customer service and their amazing financial products. Many people have learned to love this bank over the years and the bank has earned the trust of many Americans. Typically when you enjoy banking at your local branch of Fifth Third Bank you would also […]

Can you get life insurance if you smoke weed?

Whether your smoke marijuana recreationally or medically, the question of life insurance has come up in your thoughts at least once. Will I be able to leave my family and loved ones well taken care of? Or will they deny me for being a marijuana smoker? If you smoke marijuana then you may be aware […]

Banner Life Insurance Review

If you are trying to learn more about Banner Life, you’ve come to the right place. Here at InsureChance we work with over 60 top rated life insurance companies and Banner Life is one of our favorites. They offer some of the most competitive rates, have aggressive underwriting guidelines and a ton of great products. […]

AXA Life Insurance Review

Welcome to InsureChance, a top online life insurance agency that provides unbiased comparison shopping with all the top “A” rated companies. You probably came to our website after seeing a commercial, being approached by AXA agent or simply seen their logo on tennis or soccer championship event. Regardless of how you heard of them, today […]

Lincoln National Life Insurance

Lincoln National is one of the most reputable and outstanding companies in the life insurance marketplace. It’s actually a subsidiary of Lincoln Financial Group if you were wondering about the logo above. The company is well respected by the professionals in the insurance and financial advisory fields. On top of that, it was actually endorsed […]

Do Small Business Owners Need Life Insurance?

In the day to day madness that can sometimes be running your own small business, it’s easy to forget about some of the most important components that ultimately protect not just you, but your loved ones as well. For example, something that far too many business owners overlook has to do with planning ahead for […]

Life Insurance Advice for the Middle Class

There are many life insurance products out there with many different life insurance companies so it can be a little bit overwhelming to try to figure it out all on your own. How do you know if you’re getting the best possible policy to protect your family from financial disaster? While there are many experts […]

Citibank Life Insurance Review

Citibank is one of the leading banks in the world and is known by us individuals in America and our overseas cousins, the Europeans. Citibank was even deemed too big to fail back in the 2008 financial crash. Being that finances and insurance go hand in hand you would assume that Citibank would have a […]

Life Insurance With No Health Questions Asked

Is there such a thing as life insurance with no health questions! Yes, there is! Most of the time when you apply for life insurance not only are there health questions, but a full application, background check, a sweep through your medical records, driving history, family history and a medical exam. The next step is […]

Life Insurance for Cancer Survivors

Surviving cancer is one of the toughest battles that one can fight, and we congratulate you on being tough enough to persevere. Now that the battle is over and the road to recovery has begun, it’s easy to understand why you have come to terms with your mortality. When facing the fact that we may not […]

What is the Most Affordable Life Insurance for Families?

Starting or growing your family is an exciting process, but it comes with its fair share of worries. You start thinking outside of yourself and the inner protector kicks in. At this point you want to make sure your family will be safe and happy in every situation, no matter whether you’re there or not. […]

Do I Have to Take a Medical Exam for Life Insurance?

When applying for traditional life insurance coverage, it can be a daunting process to think about. After you have finally found an agent to work with, which is a process in itself, comes everything else. The agent will ask you some qualifying questions, proceed to the application, schedule the medical exam, and then you have […]

Foresters Life Insurance Review

Some life insurance companies go under the radar but actually have a very solid product offering. Despite being a large company with great products, most of our clients draw a blank when we recommend Foresters Life as a solution to their needs. However, the lack of notoriety doesn’t always equal a lack of a good […]

Nationwide Term Life Insurance Review

There are plenty of life insurance companies out there, marketing products that all seem similar in a way. The truth is sometimes they are, but what you are really getting when you choose one company over another is their financial strength, customer service, overall product benefits, and their value you to you specifically. Some companies […]

Life Insurance for Stroke Survivors

Surviving a stroke can be a hard experience to live through and can change a lot about the way we live life, and view it. It’s a scary ordeal for both you and your family and it’s easy to understand why life insurance may be on your mind. However, the good news is you are […]

Life Insurance and Drug Use?

The topic of life insurance and drug use is a broad one. When it comes to drug use not all drugs are placed in the same category. Life insurance companies look at many different factors to determine your rates, so there isn’t just one umbrella that defines “drug use” for a company. The life insurance […]

Principal Life Term Life Insurance?

When it comes to term life insurance shopping there a lot of great companies to choose from. Often people make the mistake of choosing the brand they’ve seen more often, not realizing the other brands can be a superior choice. Often times less heard of life insurance companies are just as strong financially, offer great […]

AIG Life Insurance Review

There are a lot of life insurance companies out there and while most A rated life insurance companies are good; some are more popular than others. AIG is definitely one of those companies that are on the popular side. If you haven’t heard of them as AIG, then you have probably heard of American General, […]

Life Insurance Urine Test?

Life insurance companies have mathematical geniuses called actuaries working for them whose job it is to make sure that the life insurance companies do not lose by insuring all the risk that’s out there. One of the things that they do to ensure they don’t lose is put clients into health categories to determine what […]

Gerber Life Insurance Review

There are many popular life insurance companies out there that succeed in creating strong brand recognition through longevity, good marketing and a solid product offer. Gerber Life Insurance Company is definitely one of those brands that have stood the test of time. If you weren’t familiar with them as a life insurance company, then you […]

Minnesota Life Insurance With No Exam

Many life insurance companies out there have been doing their best effort to provide a faster, easier way to buy life insurance. Consumers have made it clear that the traditional process is too long and too tedious for the modern day. Some companies have heard this message loud and clear and have responded with no […]

Life Insurance Beneficiaries Guide

So you want to get a life insurance policy. The first thing people usually do is start trying to figure out how much they need, then shopping around for how much it’s going to cost. Once finally finding an agent and company to work with they get to the application after all their hard work. […]

Voya Life Insurance?

As an independent agency we work with many popular life insurance companies out there. Because we work with different life insurance companies, we can offer an objective look at each company and review it for our consumer with an honest perspective. We are able to look at each company through a lens of experience and […]