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Welcome to InsureChance, the first online life insurance marketplace. Feel free to use our term life quote engine above to compare rates with all the top A-rated life insurance companies on the market with no personal information required! There are a ton websites online offering life insurance quotes but most require you to fill out your personal info in order to receive your “free” quote. That usually happens because many online life insurance quote engines are actually marketing companies that mask as agencies and sell your information to call centers nationwide. So why don’t we ask for your information? We know that if you need assistance you will contact us, otherwise we’d like you to enjoy your experience and browse in peace. Plus, there is no way there are so many John Smith’s looking for life insurance at the same time.

While you’re doing your term life insurance comparison shopping there are a few things you should be aware of. If you’re in other than ideal health, or have a risky hobby/occupation, then the lowest rate on the quote engine may not be the lowest quote for you. Each company weighs different risks at different classes so in order to get the most favorable result you are better off contacting us directly. This way we can advise you on the company that will give you the best rate for your particular situation, the quoter will simply not provide accurate rates. However if you consider yourself in fairly ideal health than the quoter is for you.

Don’t hold off, do your life insurance comparison shopping here and purchase life insurance online. We also offer no medical exam and permanent life insurance options. We tried to help our visitors address all of their concerns and we are just a call or chat away. Our goal is to provide a simple experience and help our consumers buy life insurance online. Start your shopping with our quoter above. Below you can find a few tips on how to get the most affordable rate when shopping.

How to Get the Most Affordable Term Life Insurance Rates Online

Term life insurance is already the most affordable type of life insurance but if you want to get the absolute rock bottom quotes continue reading. With the help of the internet it is not hard to compare instant term life insurance quotes completely online from the comfort of the nearest electronic device. So let’s look at a few steps that will guarantee you get the best rates.

Shop Online with a Broker

By going with an online brokerage you are already half way there since you will have the ability to compare rates online with all the top life insurance companies. When you deal with a captive agency they can only offer one or two companies. Since rates are fixed by the law you are better of scanning the whole marketplace for the most affordable options.

Don’t Procrastinate

Don’t put off getting life insurance for any reason. Each year you get older equals a higher life insurance rate, not to mention your health can get worse overtime. Unfortunately unlike wine we don’t get better with age and life insurance companies know that.

Determine your health rating

Life insurance companies will rate you based on your overall health and risk, the rate classes start at preferred plus for individuals with outstanding health, followed by preferred for great health, standard plus for good health, standard for fair health and of course substandard for people that are considered high risk. Now the rate class is determined by your build, family history, background information and sometimes even hobbies. The key is to be upfront about everything since the term life quotes can be different for each rate class.

For example, lets say for preferred rate Protective Life might show up as the most affordable rate but what you didn’t know is that based on your height and weight they will rate you standard. Let’s say another company like Genworth was a few dollars more for the preferred rate class but it’s the best option for you since according to their guidelines your height and weight qualifies for the preferred rate class. This applies for everything else due to the point that each companies guidelines are different, so make sure you do a thorough pre-qualification with a knowledgeable broker.

Pay Annually

Another great way to get the best term life rates is to pay for the term life insurance policy annually or even semi annually. This is the single most effective way to save 3%-5% on the total premium compared to monthly payment option. Also when you compare quotes on our website make sure to select annual payment option, so you can see which companies offer the most affordable term life insurance quotes overall.

Save Age

You might think we came out with a way not to age, but unfortunately no fountain of youth here and no Justin Timberlake from “In Time” here either. However this can save a lot of money if your primary focus is to get the most affordable term life insurance rates. Basically life insurance companies quote you on the age nearest meaning if you are past 6 months into your current age you get quoted on the soon to be age. The way to save here is to pay for premiums for the past months to get you under the 6 months, in order to lock in the rate for younger age for the duration of the policy. If you would like to get a detailed explanation please read this article: How to Save Money on Life Insurance.

Prep for exam

Sometimes you can be healthy but a little coffee brings up your blood pressure and the donuts get your cholesterol out of whack. Well this temporary reading can cause you to get a much higher rate since companies will use the lab results to determine your rate class. So few days before exam try to eat clean, drink lots of water and don’t over exercise. Also try to schedule your medical exam in the morning for optimal lab results due to the sleep fast.

If you got to this point you are now ready to get yourself the most affordable term life insurance quotes online. Get instant quotes online or call us now and let us do the shopping for you: 888-492-1967

What is the Best Company for Term Life Insurance?

There are many great life insurance companies so it’s hard to say which one is the best. However there is a certain criteria that makes life insurance companies stand out. One of the most important is their rating with A.M Best, S&P and Moody’s. The grades are a reflection of their financial strength. As an independent agency we only represent A-rated companies so you don’t have to worry about shopping with a down graded company. Other things that will determine “the best” company is their customer service, type of products, and cost. However out of the best companies, THE best company for YOU will be different for each individual. Each company has different underwriting standards for specific health conditions, lifestyle and high risk occupations. Let’s look at some facts of 10 popular A-rated companies on the market.


The Metropolitan Life Insurance company, also known as MetLife, is probably one of the most popular term life insurance companies out there due to their strong branding efforts. Metlife has been around for 140 years and is one of the most financially profitable and stable of the companies on the market. They offer pretty much any life insurance product you can think of from term life to any permanent life insurance product on the market.


Protective Life Insurance Company was founded by Governor William Dorsey Jelks during the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt. That’s right, they have been around since the year 1907. They offer a broad portfolio of life insurance and investment products. In it’s 100 year run Protective stands today as an A rated life insurance company based on their operating performance, financial flexibility and asset quality.


American International Group, Inc. or also known as AIG, is an insurance company serving in 130 countries. They offer property-casualty, life insurance, and retirement services. It was started in 1919 by Cornelius Vander Starr in Shanghai China. As it stands today AIG is also rated A by agencies and is in strong financial standing.


Genworth Life Insurance Company wrote its first insurance policy in the year 1871 in Virginia. Currently they have over $100 billion in assets and are also carriers of the “A” rating with A.M. Best, a BBB+ with Standard’s & Poor’s, and an A3 rating with Moody’s. They hold a strong presence in more than 25 countries and are focused on financial services such life insurance and long term care products.


Like most of the companies mentioned so far, Transamerica has a history of over 100 years starting in 1904 when a bank was founded in 1904 by a Amadeo Gianini. By 1956 the bank aspect was separated from the life insurance business and Transamerica was created. Their logo is an actual building that decorates the San Francisco skyline. They offer both standard life insurance and simplified issue plans as well as retirement products. And like all companies that we represent, Transamerica is A rated


Prudential Financial Inc., is a company with a history of 140 years. In the modern day they are considered on of the largest financial services institutions with operations throughout the world. Currently they have 1.160 trillion in assets under management according to their site. Their array of products includes life insurance, annuities, investments, and retirements solutions.


In 1879 a banker named Edward Temple FOund the company and it has become The Principal Financial Group in the modern day. Principal has over 15,000 employees wit over $144 billion in assets under management. They have also been noted as one of Fortune’s 100 best companies to work for. As of October 23rd, 2001 Principal has become a publicly traded company and are today offering both life and health insurance, mortgage banking and retirement/investment services.

Voya Financial

What used to be known as ING RealiaStar Life Insurance is now Voya Financial, Inc. This is a fairly new change for the company as part of the effort to rebrand itself and make positive changes. As of June 2014 they have a total of $525 billion assets under management with 13 million customers. In 2014 it was named one of the “Worlds Most Ethical Companies” by Ethisphere Institute.


You are probably already singing their slogan in your head when you read their name due to their very popular branding campaign. Nationwide has been around for over 85 years and has $158 in statutory assets. They offer just about every insurance product out there as well as retirement, investing and banking. But if it’s life insurance you are looking for, like most companies here, they offer all the life insurance products from Term to Universal that are on the market.

Banner Life

When a company named GELICO was acquired by Legal & General in the 1980’s it became what is today known as Banner Life Insurance. It is a rated A company with over $587 billon of life insurance in force and over $5.7 billion in assets. While not the most known brand, it is highly competitive amongst most life insurance carriers.

In Summary

So what is the best term life insurance company? There really isn’t an answer. As long as you shop around with strong A-rated companies it will simply come down to personal need and the best rate on the market. Based on your situation and health class different companies will come back with different quotes. The key is working with us! Let us do the shopping for you and get you the best product for the best price to protect your financial responsibilities.