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No Medical Exam Life Insurance Companies

  • Sagicor
  • Fidelity Life
  • Assurity
  • American National
  • Transamerica

What is No Medical Exam Life Insurance

A no medical exam life insurance policy is exactly that, a life insurance policy that doesn't require a physical to attain the policy. It can also be known as Simplified Issue Life Insurance. A traditional life insurance policy would require you to undergo a medical examination which requires a nurse to you at the time and place of your choosing. The nurse would measure your height/weight, check your blood pressure, and take both a blood and urine sample. Once the examination or physical is complete, your results will be reviewed along with your application and your medical history to determine your rate. This review would be done by underwriters from your life insurance company and this process can take 6-8 weeks. With a no medical exam life insurance policy, you will have to still go through the application and underwriting process but you are able to skip the medical exam which can speed up your approval process tremendously. Most no exam companies can get you approved within a few hours to a few days. However, because life insurance companies are taking an extra risk by not administering your medical exam there are a few limits that come with these policies compared to the traditional life insurance products.

Top 9 Best No Medical Exam Companies

The no medical exam life insurance companies that you will see in our quoter will each offer different benefits and restrictions. These companies are not one size fits all, each company will have something that fits or doesn't fit your specific needs. Some offer a faster decision process, while others offer more coverage amount. What they all have in common is that there is no medical exam required. Let’s hit some highlights of what you can expect from each of the life insurance companies while running your no medical exam life insurance quotes online.

American National

About: American National Life Insurance Company was founded by William Moody Jr. in 1905. If you have not yet to hear of American National Life you may have heard of them as ANICO. ANICO is an "A" rated company and they are definitely one of the best no medical exam companies on the market because ANICO makes getting life insurance so quick and easy! Product Features:
  • ANICO offers three amazing no medical exam policies called Freedom Term Life Insurance, ValueGuard Whole Life Insurance, and Legacy Whole Life Insurance.
  • For their no medical term life, you can choose to have a length of 10, 20, or 30-years.
  • This product offers the maximum face amount of $250,000 with approvals in less than 15 minutes.
  • For their ValueGuard Whole Life Insurance, they offer face amounts up to $150,000 with approvals in less than 15 minutes.
  • ANICO's Legacy Whole Life Insurance differs from their other no medical products because this product doesn’t ask any health questions whatsoever.
  • This product offers face amounts up to $25,000 and is only available for those between the ages of 50-80 since this product is a guaranteed issue policy.
  • This product also has fixed premiums, fixed death benefits, and offer approvals as quickly as 5 minutes.
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About: Americo Life Insurance Company was established over 100 years ago and is a proud "A" rated company. They boast over 30 billion of life insurance in force and can be a very trusted life insurance company. Americo is a holding company which means that they are a company that owns other companies as subsidiaries. Today Americo is the lead company in one of the largest, independent, and privately held insurance groups in the United States. Product Features:
  • Americo has a term policy which provides an array of terms ranging from 15, 20, 25, and 30-years.
  • This product offers death benefits up to $250,000.
  • While there it isn't necessary to undergo a medical exam there will be minimal health questions asked.
  • If you pass away in an accident your beneficiaries will receive an additional 25% of the death benefit as a part of the Accidental Death Benefit Rider which is included.
  • Other riders are available as well for spouses and children, events of disability or critical illness, and additional methods of death benefit payout.
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About: Assurity Life Insurance Company has been around for over 120 years serving their clients. Assurity Life is another "A" rated company who take great pride in their achievements. Assurity is yet another no medical exam company with a strong financial rating but a longer approval process than most. Assurity has moderate underwriting guidelines that are not as strict as most companies that offer non- med. It has the best rates for smokers if you want to go the no physical exam route. They are a mutual organization which is important because it means that they have no shareholders or publicly traded stock and that Assurity's shareholders share their ownership. Product Features:
  • Their best no medical exam product is called NonMed 350.
  • This product offers the opportunity to complete your application over the phone and allows you to sign digitally.
  • Anyone between the ages of 18-65 is eligible to obtain this product.
  • As you know there is no medical exam but there will be medical records requested from your doctor.
  • Term lengths available are 10, 15, 20, and 30-years.
  • Policies usually take between 2-4 weeks to issue.
  • The face amounts are the minimum of $50,000 and the maximum of $350,000.
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About: Fidelity Life Insurance Company has been around for over 120 years and is one of the few insurance companies that have leveraged the benefits of technology to speed up the underwriting process. This created truly innovative underwriting that put them in front of many of their competitors. Fidelity Life has a rating of "A-" and have continued to prove themselves as a top competitor dedicated to innovation and meeting their customers' needs. By using their digital tool they have been able to speed up their approvals for life insurance at a more rapid pace. Product Features:
  • Fidelity's Rapid Decision Express is their best no medical exam product which offers approvals free of any hassles due to their amazing technology in their underwriting department.
  • 48-hour approval.
  • Term lengths available for this product are 10, 15, 20, and 30-years.
  • This product is available for anyone between the ages of 18 and 65.
  • There is no medical exam necessary or need for medical records.
  • Applications can be completed in 10-15 minutes and approvals can occur within 24-48 hours.
  • For this product, Fidelity only offers Standard health classes such as Standard non-nicotine and Standard nicotine.
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About: Foresters Financial Life is a company who have been around for over 140 years and have more than 2 million clients all over the world. This "A" rated company have more than $34 billion of total funds under management which means that you can sleep safely at night if you are planning on purchasing a policy with Foresters.  Product Features:
  • PlanRight Whole Life is their best no medical exam policy that offers permanent coverage and offers a guaranteed level premium.
  • You can choose the product to come 3 different ways, one way is fixed with the death benefit being 100% of the face value from the start.
  • Graded which causes your death benefit to be limited the first two years but you will in return receive the greater sum of the total premium paid with 4.5% interest of 30% of the face amount.
  • Or you can choose Modified which offers a limited death benefit for the first two years based on return of premium paid plus 10%, after the two years the death benefit is 100%.
  • They have another great no medical exam product that is a term life insurance policy.
  • You can obtain this term product if you are between the ages of 18-55 and can get up to $350,000 in coverage.
  • If you are between 56-65 you can get coverage up to $200,000.
  • This product is only available for 20 or 30-year term periods.
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Mutual of Omaha

About: Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Company has been around for over 90 years and is one of the most well-known life insurance companies. If a light went off in your head when you read the name then you probably grew up watching Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom Show. This well known "A+" rated company is currently an honorable mention in our best life insurance companies for seniors as well as our cheapest life insurance companies list. Product Features:
  • Mutual of Omaha offers a great no medical exam product called Term Life Express.
  • This product is for anyone between the ages of 18 and 65.
  • Face amounts for this product are the minimum of $25,000 and the maximum of $300,000 for ages 18-50.
  • For ages 51-65 this product offers the minimum face amount of $25,000 and the maximum face amount of $250,000.
  • There is no medical exam necessary to obtain this product but they do require access to medical records.
  • This product has term lengths of 10, 15, 20, and 30-years available.
  • Policy riders for this product are Terminal Illness Rider, Chronic Illness Rider, Critical Illness Rider, Residential Damage Rider, Waiver of Premium for Unemployment Rider, and Common Carrier Death Benefit Provision Rider.
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North American Company

About: North American Life Insurance Company has been around for over 130 years and is one of the cheapest life insurance companies on the market. This "A" rated company is privately owned which allows the company to invest in more secure assets. This company is ideal for those in the senior crowd and that is why they too are honored in our best life insurance companies for seniors list. They are also mentioned in our best life insurance companies list. Product Features:
  • North American Life's best no medical exam product is their LifeVue Simplified Issue.
  • This product offers the minimum face amount of $50,000 and the maximum face amount of $500,000.
  • This simplified issue term life insurance policy is available in 15, 20, and 30-year terms.
  • As a simplified issue, you will be required to answer some health and lifestyle questions but don't require you to undergo a medical exam.
  • Policies can be issued the same day.
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About: Phoenix Life Insurance Company has been around for 166 years and is among one of the oldest life insurance companies still on the market. This "B" rated company has made life insurance their objective since they started in 1851. Product Features:
  • Phoenix Life offers one of the best no medical exam products called Safe Harbor Term Life Express.
  • This product is available for anyone between the ages of 18-80.
  • The term lengths for this policy are 10, 15, 20, and 30-years.
  • You can convert your term life policy into a permanent life insurance policy.
  • Face value amounts are between $25,000 and $400,000.
  • They offer riders such as  Critical Illness Rider, Chronic Illness Rider, Unemployment Waiver of Premium Rider, and Terminal Illness Rider.
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About: Sagicor Life Insurance Company has been around for over 60 years and is available in 45 states and the District of Columbia. Sagicor is definitely one of the best no medical exam life insurance company and is one of the best life insurance companies in the U.S. They hold a high "A" rating and offer no medical exam products that can get you approved in less than 72 hours. If you have a health condition Sagicor Life is an excellent choice for certain health conditions such as diabetes. Product Features:
  • Sagicor's no medical exam universal life insurance ranges from $25,000 to $500,000.
  • Approval is instant or up to 72 hours.
  • Their rates are very competitive but they excel in their fast approvals.
  • Their simplified issue no exam term and no exam universal life insurance policy can usually be completed in less than 30 minutes.
  • Sagicor offers only three rate classes, Preferred, Standard, and Table rated.
  • Their no medical exam term product offers term lengths of 10, 15, or 20-years.
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What all No Medical Exam Companies Have in Common

  • We represent all of them, you get the same rate through us, or if you go directly but with us you get an educated comparison. We're able to guide you through the process and let you know which no exam option provides the best solution to your specific requests.
  • Much faster underwriting than standard issue medical exam policy, which usually takes anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks or longer if more information is required.
  • All companies have a cap on the amount of coverage you can apply for. So if you would be interested in more coverage you would have to apply with two different no medical exam companies or go the regular medical exam route.
  • While you're running your no medical exam life insurance quotes online keep in mind one thing: the lowest rate on the quote engine isn't always the lowest rate for you. If you have any health conditions or health history you may be a better fit for one company and not the other in terms of health class. The health rating has a strong influence on the premium you pay. If you want more detailed information, feel free to contact us directly.

Difference between No Exam and Term Life Insurance

While no exam life insurance is a form of term life insurance policy, it does come with its own set of criteria. Let's cover the main differences between a traditional policy and simplified issue coverage.
  • Coverage Amount - with a traditional policy you can get any amount of coverage that you see reasonable. When you opt to skip the exam you are looking to be capped at $250,000 to $500,000 worth of life insurance coverage, depending on the no exam carrier. Each company has different caps so its best to do your shopping based on your needs.
  • Cost - a simplified issue policy can often be a little more expensive than traditional coverage due to a more simplified underwriting process. Also, most no medical exam companies will start you off at a “Standard” rate class, which is the third best possible for a life insurance policy, which causes your rate to be a little higher. The only company that can approve you at a Preferred rate with no medical exam is Sagicor.
  • Underwriting - when it comes to getting qualified for coverage, no exam companies are a lot more strict in their guidelines. If you're a high health risk, it will be harder to get approved for coverage. However when it comes to the speed of the underwriting, a no exam policy is much faster than a traditional 6 to 8-week approval process.
  • Riders - traditional term life insurance tends to come with more add on’s free of cost than most of the simplified issue companies.
Those are the key differences between traditional term life insurance and term life insurance without the physical exam. So how do you decide if this is the policy for you? Let’s break it down.

Is no Medical Exam Life Insurance for You?

No medical exam life insurance has been growing in popularity due to the fact you can get term life insurance quotes online and submit an application without any paperwork or exam. It is one of the best term life insurance choices since it allows you protect your family without any delays or procrastinations. No exam term life is definitely a huge request from our clients but of course, it is not for everyone for a variety of reasons. Getting your life insurance without the medical exam is for you if:

You seek convenience

Unlike traditional life insurance process, non-med life insurance is usually applied for completely online with electronic signature submission. There is also no medical exam so the nurse will not have to come out, which doesn't take time out of your already busy day. So if you're like most Americans who juggle between work and family with little time left for anything else then this is a very enticing offer. When it comes to no exam life insurance the underwriting guidelines are a little bit more aggressive since the only thing the companies can go off is your medical records and scouts honor. Someone who has a medical condition such as diabetes, heart issues or any other major illness that is being treated will most likely get rejected. We do have one company that is open to a higher risk but the overall majority of the no exam life insurers will not accept anything outside some milder health conditions like controlled blood pressure or cholesterol. Keep your health in mind when comparing quotes.

You need coverage for less than 500k fast

If you don’t need a huge amount of life insurance death benefit then a no medical exam policy is right for you. You can easily secure a policy for 25k-500k very quickly. Some clients will even get two policies from different carriers if they need more than 500k of life insurance because you can’t beat the benefit of securing term life insurance online rapidly with no medical exam. We have companies that will issue a policy within 10 minutes or 48 hours after an online application is completed. This is the only option that comes close to getting instant non-med quotes and policies online.

You don’t mind paying a little more

As you already know you get what you pay for so I know you didn’t think it was the same cost as the regular exam life insurance. No medical exam life insurance premiums can be double the cost of regular term life insurance. The reason is that you automatically get a standard rate due to the fact the company doesn’t have the lab results to use in the decision-making process like with traditional term exam life insurance.

You have a phobia

If you have either Trypanophobia(fear of needles) or Hemophobia(fear of blood) then a non-med policy may be your best shot at getting a life insurance coverage in force. Even while you may be addressing the phobia you don't want to prolong getting coverage until the phobia is better handled. It's best to have some coverage in place until you come close to being able to handle your fears safely and getting something in force to protect your financial responsibilities. You will never be as young or healthy as you are today, which means your rates will never be lower, lock in a low rate without the hassle of a medical exam. If any one of the five reasons matches up to you then you're a great candidate. The next step would be to compare quotes and plans from the top life insurance companies that provide non-med coverage in their product portfolio. If you're ready to compare quotes then please fill out our quoter on the top of this page. Our quote engine has been specifically customized to show you exclusively no medical exam life insurance options. If you find a plan that is affordable from a reputable company then you can call us to complete an application 100% online with no paperwork, in 15 minutes or less.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What is the most coverage I can get with this type of policy?
  • A. For any one individual carrier the biggest cap is $400,000 with Sagicor. To get more coverage you can stack a couple no medical exam policies together. There is a product with Principal Life Insurance Company that offers up to $1,000,000 with no medical exam required. It is their traditional product but offered on a simplified issue basis for those that have a history great health.
  • Q. Can I get a permanent life insurance policy with no medical exam?
  • A. Yes, Sagicor offers a “Permanent Term” Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance policy with no medical exam required. Like their term product, it is capped at $400,000.
  • Q. How long will it take for me to get approved?
  • A. Depending on the company it is possible to get approved within a few hours. Companies like Sagicor and Fidelity offer approvals in as little as 48 to 72 hours while companies like American National and Assurity take up to 30 days. Please refer to the company chart above for each carriers guidelines.
  • Q. If it’s no exam, why are there health questions?
  • A. Even though you get to skip the medical exam, you don’t skip the underwriting portion of attaining a policy. The life insurance company will still look into the Medical Information Bureau(MIB) to get access to your medical records. They will also look into your driving history and medical history. All of this information will be used to determine your qualification. If you’re looking for a “no questions asked” life insurance policy, check you our guaranteed issue life insurance quoter.
  • Q. Can I get life insurance if I have health issues?
  • A. Yes, they aren't exclusive to healthy people but they are more strict than traditional term life insurance companies. However, conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety and the like can still be approved for no exam coverage. The key is to have those conditions under control and provide details regarding a favorable lifestyle.
  • Q. When do I make my first payment?
  • A. Most companies will require an automatic withdrawal if you want to pay on a monthly basis, which means your first payment will be drafted upon approval. However, if you opt for a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual form of payment, you can do a direct bill. For this, you will send them a check when you receive the policy in the mail. You will have to sign the delivery receipt and mail it in along with your premium amount back to the carrier.
  • Q. Can I do the application myself?
  • A. Most of the application for no exam are electronic but have to be done over the phone with an agent and then emailed to you for e-signature. The one company that does allow you to be emailed an application is Sagicor Life Insurance. However, it is recommended to do this with an assistance of a professional.

Work with us!

In conclusion, looking for life insurance is a piece of cake, it’s looking for the best life insurance company where things start to get tricky. If you are uncertain whether or not a company above is the best company for you please feel free to give us a call so that we can make sure that the company you want to buy coverage from will offer you the best rate humanly possible. Work with us today, our services are free and we can help you narrow down the list of the best companies just by knowing their niches. Every life insurance company has their own niche and if you have any medical condition you will need to know these niches or prepare to pay a lot in premiums. We understand all of the 60 companies we work with and their unique niches. For example, if you have high blood pressure and the best company you choose is Foresters you may be charged higher than a company who specializes in high blood pressure such as SBLI, they would charge you less since that’s their specialty. Don’t wait any longer, let us find the best no medical exam policy offered by the best company for you so that you can spend more time with the ones who truly matter the most, your family.

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