West Coast Life Insurance Review

West Coast Life Review

Trying to learn more about West Coast Life or have an existing policy? Well, you have come to the right place as we are an independent agency that works with all the best life insurance companies in the marketplace. We will help you learn everything you need to know about this company. Wait, we are getting carried away here because that company is now owned by Protective LifeSo we are really going to be reviewing Protective and also providing some useful information you may need if you’re an existing policyholder. Here is a quick summary otherwise keep on reading for an in depth information:

West Coast Life Existing Policyholders

Before we jump into what Protective Life is about let’s address some important things and contact information for existing West Coast Life policy owners. If you have a policy with West Coast there is no need to worry since your policy is still in force by your provider is simply different now. Protective Life acquired West Coast Life and assumed all responsibility for existing members. If you have any question you would simply contact Protective Life. Here is some of their contact information from Protective.com:

West Coast Life insurance customers:
PO Box 12687
Birmingham, AL 35202-6687
email: wclphs@wclife.com


About West Coast Life Now Protective Life

West Coast Life has been around for over 100 years with few billion in assets. It is definitely a strong carrier and their mission is to provide amazing life insurance products from the day they started. In 1996, they were acquired by Protective Life which is a company we will be covering since there is no difference between the two now. Protective Life was founded in 1907 by a guy named William Dorsey not related to Jack Dorsey of Twitter. The company has a very strong rating from A.M. Best which is “A+”.  This rating along with them having about $75 billion in assets(based on 2016) makes them one of the best life insurance carriers around. They also have a revenue of about $4.48 billion and is probably will keep on growing. Another great point about them is they love to give to charities and support a lot of foundations. If you’re wondering where they based out of, the answer is Birmingham, Alabama but they do have multiple locations.

This part is coming from the experience of our clients and our agents. Protective Life has some of the best customer service out of all the companies we represent and we work with some top dogs! They also have unique products that are not similar to other companies which make them further stand out.

Protective Life Products

So as I mentioned in the previous paragraph they do have some of the best life insurance products. We are going to cover the products that we have seen a strong demand for since they have a lot of variety. Here is the favorite:

Custom Choice UL( Term Plan)

This is a great term life product which is actually built on a Universal Life chassis. I know we’re not talking about cars but this is the best way to explain it. You can secure a policy for a duration of 10 to 30 years that will have fixed premiums for the term. However, unlike other term plans that expire, you can continue paying for this coverage and it will still provide a benefit that will reduce over time. In some cases, this is perfect as the need for life insurance in later years of life slowly diminishes. This policy also offers flexibility in premiums allowing you to pay more or less which is not common with most term plans.

*You also have an option of getting this plan for a lifetime benefit until age 100 or 121. 

Add Ons Available

Terminal Illness Rider- this comes with the plan at no extra charge and will simply allow you to get up to 60% of your death benefit if you have less than 12 months to live. Hey, who knew that life insurance can be used while you still kicking!

Accidental Death Rider- just like it sounds this option will provide a double pay out if you die in an accident. This add on is going to cost you a little extra.

Children’s Term Rider- simply put this allows you to get coverage on your kids up to $20k on each. Also, a paid addition but check this, you pay one fee regardless of how many kids you have.

DisabilityBenefit Rider- a paid add on that will waive your premiums and keep policy active if you are disabled.

ExtendCare Rider- same as a terminal illness but for critical illnesses.

Process of Getting a Plan

If you decide you want to get a policy with protective the application process is similar to all other big boys on the block. First, you’d want to file an application with your agent of choice, which is hopefully only the best one(hint: US). Their application is actually available in digital format so you can do it over the phone and sign it electronically via email. Afterward, you’ll have to complete a medical exam where a nurse comes to your home to complete a mini physical. Once you complete the exam and application the company will underwrite your policy and get you approved.

Work with Us!

As a modern day consumer, you have many choices and that’s why here at InsureChance, we give you an option to shop around with all the top rated companies including Protective Life. We are also highly experienced and take extra steps to make sure that you get the best rate while also enjoying a stress-free application process. Feel free to browse for some quotes with our term life quoter or call one of our agents today at 888.492.1967. Welcome to the best agency on the web!


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